Are you restoring a house? You absolutely have to consider underfloor heating system in the bathroom!

The warmed floor is the luxury that anybody is able to afford, regardless of the bank account's wealth. This unusual solution thrills with performance, though it has its defects.

So should you introduce a floor heating system in your restroom?

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Without doubt, this is a solution that you should take into consideration while building a house or during a comprehensive renovation (more under this link). The benefits of floor heating contain low investment costs. In the circumstance of water heating, you would not spend too much on the application, in consequence of employing a low temperature floor heating solution. Electrical underfloor heating is associated with an increase of electric bills. Floor heating works weel with a modest restroom. Radiators and pipes do not fill extra room, which rises the flexibility of interior design. However, if you apply this type of heating solution, the floor will increase a few inches. In event of underfloor heating the dirt does not disperse excessively and does not settle on the floor level. Because of that, the floor is cleaner, which makes it less difficult to keep the daily maintenance of the house. It is also a great resolution for allergy victims. The biggest inconvenience of this heating solution is the need to break the floor and the screed fitting in event of any fault. Solely in this way you will reach the source of the problem.


Remember about decent house insulation

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Winter in Poland is not as cold as it were 10 years ago, however still sometimes it is very strong. When we're living in a building with a lot of neighbors we do not have to be afraid of that, cause heating costs are split between many families.

To sum up, floor floor (-> see details) system is durable, ergonomic and creative.
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