Is an flat in a tenement house must be connected with ugliness? Not at all, here are many tips on how to avoid it.

The apartment tenement house is regularly associated with little, hard to design spaces. But, it does not have to be like – just a small imagination to turn our not permanently a huge apartment in the spacious interior.

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Prepared by: Cristian Bortes
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whole trends to promote open spaces, and likely real property market offering optimized in terms of housing and that’s the reason why those in that the diurnal place is fully integrated. That options let us even the smallest interior delight a free space. One time ergonomically her property, the results will exceed our expectations. How create a living room in a block? Among the photo wallpapers bridges completely leading - click page. They give the look of modernity and by the way expanding our flat. But not always for wall murals black and white may not everlastingly be the dominant colour. Whites, beiges and so fashionable currently of gray are good for that role truly. Nevertheless, if you love bright tints - let's put to expose that one on one side. Another tip optically magnifying the space should be light wallpaper with a glossy ending - perfectly reflect light or fance mural with a theme visually magnifying the space. For example, when we think about photo wallpapers bridges as a picture like the Golden Gate or London Bridge are a great idea. Sure, subdued colours still warms the wood. If you do not possess a lot of space is good, instead of clumsy wall unit in a dark colour of this typical material, decide on the timbered floor. And that same wall piece to replace the modular goods in a fashionable white or light timber.

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