Where to buy the bike of your fantasies? Which model of bike we sholud choose?

The hot days had come, we have much more power then couple weeks ago. We wish to doing some exercises, getting new coiffure or maybe even renovate our home. Or maybe you are wondering of having a new bike?

You do not have to use urban bus for your travel any longer, you will be able to have everyday activities. But finding a vehicle like that is not a piece of cake. Where to find the best mens or ladies city bike? You want to have old one, or maybe like to get a custom fixie bike? There are many of alternatives, but which is the greatest?

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When you don't have a lot of money, but you need your vehicle right away? The greatest alternative in this situation will be a market with old stuffs. You could get there a lot of mens city bikes, with all of the colors, models and prizes, most of them will possibly looks like modern one. Or maybe you prefer to get some vintage vehicle? It is a fantastic option also. But beware, several of the sales person could try to sell you something broken, so you better do double check.

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If you are an adventures, you should try custom fixie bike. There are several web pages online, that invite you to create your own vehicle from very start. Choose your own frame, wheels, handlebar, color of it, brand of each equipment. You might create something very rare, than no one else will own. These method hasn't to be very costly - just pay attention on cost on dedicated frame during the whole process, and select the cheapest parts. Final effect will be wonderful, for surely.


Autumn is a wonderful point in time to establish some changes in our building or apartment.

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Spring is a great point in time to make some modifications in our home or apartment. Now it is important to tell about walls and respond the question “how to decorate the walls to get a trendy room and building”? The reply for the question seems to be as simple as a cake, but here are lots possibilities to improve the look of the walls.
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